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Smile 3D clear aligners

Introducing Smile 3D – the ultimate clear aligner solution

Smile 3D is one of the most effective, user-friendly clear aligner solutions available today. Perfect for treating mild to moderate malocclusions, Smile 3D is a series of comfortable, clear, removable aligners, each of which will move teeth up to 0.5mm over a 2-3 week period. Smile 3D is a flexible clear aligner system which can be adapted and modified to suit your needs and those of your patients. 

Why use Smile 3D?

There are many advantages of using Smile 3D over other aligner systems, including:

  • Aligners can be sent in small, manageable batches
  • No expensive silicone impression materials are needed
  • We use the very latest material with a flexible core which exerts a gentler force over a longer period
  • Support is available whenever you need it – our highly experienced technicians are always happy to discuss treatment plans with you
  • Digital copies are kept on file for quick replacement should your patient lose or damage an aligner
  • All appliances are made in the UK, with free postage and packaging
  • All Smile 3D accessories and associated products can be ordered at the same time

Smile 3D is perfect for mild to moderate cases. The ideal patient may have:

  • Concerns about the ‘Social Six’
  • Undergone previous treatment but lapsed
  • Spacing up to 4mm per arch
  • Crowding up to 4mm per arch
  • Intrusion up 2-3 mm*
  • Extrusions up to 1mm
  • Midline shifts up to 2mm
  • Up to 20 degree on anterior rotations

*Composite attachment may be required for forces and anchorage.

Smile 3D is not suitable for extractions cases or patients with extensive, severe malocclusions.


To make your life easier, we have created three Smile 3D packages. Just choose the option that's right for you.

Support for practices

When you use Smile 3D, you can be confident that you’ll get all the support you need. Our highly-trained technicians are always happy to discuss treatment plans with you, and you can access support at any time via phone or email. We’ll also supply you with the tools you need to promote Smile3D to your patients. Your marketing toolkit will contain:

  • Patient-facing literature featuring Lisa, our real-life case study
  • Website content
  • Promotional video
  • Logos and imagery

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