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JJ Thompson can expertly create your preferred retention appliances with any number of modifications to meet your patients’ needs.

We know that many doctors have their own preferences for retention, which have been developed through years of experience. From traditional Hawleys and Twist-Flex retainers to clear, pressure-formed appliances, or even the Manchester, a relatively new appliance which combines the best of old and new.

Smart Hold

Smart Hold is an exciting new package which combines your patient’s final retainer, with a ‘scan and store’ service.

This superior retainer is made from the finest, ultra-clear material. Lightweight and break-resistant, it offers effective retention and yet is flexible and comfortable to wear.

To ensure you and your patient’s peace of mind, we save your patient’s dental arch and store digital master copies, so that they can be remade with a moment’s notice in the event of loss or accidental damage.

This exclusive service is perfect for any patients who are in long-term retention.

How it works

  1. Send us your impressions or patient models
  2. We will scan them and create the digital file
  3. The file will then be stored on our servers, ready to be retrieved whenever it is needed. There is no time limit – we will continue to store your files until you advise they are no longer needed. If required, we can also send you the files on disc.
  4. We will then create the retainer and post it out for your patient to wear.
  5. Should your patient need an additional retainer in the future, simply let us know and we will print a new working model in order to recreate your patient’s appliance.

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