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Active appliances

Active appliances are basically any appliance which can be used to effect tooth movement. Our active appliances are all custom-made for your patients, and the design variations are endless.

Removable appliances

Our range of removable appliances can be used for early interceptive treatment, for simple cases, or as a pre-cursor to other functional or fixed appliances. We offer a variety of colours, patterns and effects to help incentivise the patient.

Pressure-formed appliances

We're leading the field when it comes to the design and creation of pressure-formed appliances. Traditionally used solely for retention, new materials and bonding methods now allow pressure-formed appliances to actively move teeth. Our pressure-forming department is at the forefront of these techniques, creating active appliances which are discreet, comfortable and virtually invisible.

Fixed appliances

Many of your fixed cases will need additional palatal components either for anchorage or expansion, and our fixed appliance department can cater for all your patients’ requirements.

For more information on our range of active appliances, just get in touch.

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