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Smile – with ClearBow retainers

Traditional Hawley retainers that leave patients hiding an unsightly “metal wire smile” are now a thing of the past.

The durable ClearBow Hawley retainer allows them to confidently show off their smile.

Over the last few months, JJ Thompson have been manufacturing this clear, adjustable retainer, which is fabricated with a virtually unbreakable, BPA-free plastic orthodontic wire (ClearBow). Repeat orders are now flooding in, showing that the ClearBow is here to stay.

Additional benefits

  • Less bulky than an acrylated bow
  • Offers optimum tooth contact
  • Virtually invisible and comfortable to wear
  • The doctor is able to make minor modifications to the appliance as required
  • Not damaged by boiling water or stained by the usual culprits of coffee, tea or red wine
  • Integrated logo/authentication

For more details about the ClearBow, please contact us.


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