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Exceeding expectations

Dr Erik Engesaeter, Telemark, Norway

‘After several months of using the Exceed service provided by JJ Thompson for indirect bonding, my staff and I are very happy. The service is outstanding. The cases are ready for approval in less than 24 hours and the trays with the brackets are always back in our office faster than expected. We used to schedule the bonding appointment 5-6 weeks after scanning. Now the patient is bonded 3-4 weeks after scanning. The quality is good and we have not experienced any problems. Daily life in the clinic has become much better for all involved, including our patients.’

‘Indirect bonding eliminates most arch wire adjustments and rebonding consultations during the treatment. This method saves at least 2-3 consultations. It’s a win-win situation which suits us all very much.’

‘More than 80% of my cases are indirect bonding cases. Impressions for orthodontic plates are also reduced to almost nothing. By sending the scans to JJ Thompson the job is done. My assistants love it and so do the patients.’

Dr Erik Engesaeter, Telemark, Norway

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