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Exceed Bonding Trays

In any practice, the most valuable resource is your time. Accurate bracket positioning is an essential, yet time-consuming element of many treatments, with most fixed appliances still requiring a lot of time and attention during the direct bonding process. It takes a great deal of orthodontic skill to attain the optimum bracket position the first time round. The slightest miscalculation can lead to more adjustment appointments, complex wire bending and prolonged treatment times.

Introducing eXceed

We have teamed up with eXceed as their exclusive UK partner, to introduce a patented suite of precision, computer-aided bracket placement services.

This exclusive technology determines the exact digital placement coordinates for each bracket. Then, through the use of JJ Thompson’s cutting-edge 3D printing technology, two-layer bonding trays are manufactured with unrivalled accuracy.

What are the benefits?

Accuracy – outcomes are more predictable and consistent, adjustments to bracket positions and wire are minimised or eliminated and patient satisfaction is increased

Fast and efficient - greatly reduced bracket placement time

Ultimate control – prior to tray fabrication, the file will be sent to you for review and approval. User friendly software will allow you to adjust bracket placement if required

Easy and flexible - compatible with most popular straight wire bracket systems, we can use your brackets or you can choose from our extensive library

How it works

  1. Upload your patient’s records (3D models, images, X-rays) to “My eXceed”. If you don’t have the facilities to create your own .stl files, JJ Thompson can scan and create the digital file for you.
  2. You’ll receive an eXceed bracket placement plan for your review and approval. This is opportunity to make any refinements should they be required.
  3. Once approved, JJ Thompson will manufacture your bonding trays using 3D printing technology and ship them directly to you.
  4. You can then use the eXceed trays chair-side for quick and efficient bonding.


eXceed offers two different methods to calculate ideal bracket positioning:

  • eXceed Rx – bracket placement is based on the pre–treatment occlusion
  • eXceed Tx – bracket placement is based on the simulated post-treatment occlusion (includes treatment planning, torque adjustment and simulation video – an excellent tool to demonstrate to patients)

Turnaround time

  • Your plan is posted within 4 business days from submission (subject to all submitted data being correct)
  • Trays are shipped within 3 business from your approval
  • The average cycle is currently 9 business days

For more information about eXceed digital bonding solutions, please visit or contact JJ Thompson.


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